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3 Synchronization Page

If you want some redundancy in DNS servers and have an external InterWorx DNS server with which you wish to synchronize, InterWorx can do this easily. This allows you to synchronize two or more InterWorx servers’ DNS functionality so that if one of the DNS services goes down, there will be a redundant service in place. This is available at NodeWorx  ▷  System Services  ▷ DNS Server  ▷  Synchronization

3.2.1 Add a DNS listening Server

First, verify that the correct Default Network Interface is selected at NodeWorx -> Server -> Settings. Select the Interface that implements the primary IP address of the server. You will need to enter the Hostname of the external server and the InterWorx API key for that server as generated in the Clustering guide. From here you can test connectivity as well as finalize the synchronization. Reminder: The API key is available at NodeWorx  ▷  Clustering  ▷  Setup.

3.2.2 Synchronized DNS Servers

The Synchronized DNS server section lists servers that are listening to this server for updates as well as servers that this server is listening to.

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