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1 Introduction

1.1 Why Have Plugins?

The InterWorx Plugin system allows users to extend the functionality of the control panel in a wide variety of ways. With this guide and a bit of scripting experience, any user can leverage the complete InterWorx API to achieve endless possibilities.

A great deal of existing functionality in InterWorx can be leveraged to quickly bring any plugin concept to reality. Adding menu items to the interface, modifying existing input forms, and adding listeners to existing actions are all easily included, and substantially cut down on implementation and development time. Mostly importantly, plugins allow for the open-ended addition of features to customize your users’ experience.
figure images/plugins/why-have-plugins.png
Figure 1.1 The Plugin Management page in NodeWorx

1.2 What Can Plugins Do?

Anything that can be scripted with the InterWorx API can be packaged into a plugin, which means nearly any action that can be performed within NodeWorx and SiteWorx can be performed using our plugin system. Plugins can modify existing behavior, add new features and behavior, or even disable existing behavior of the NodeWorx and/or SiteWorx control panel experience.
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