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About This Guide

This guide is intended to walk the user through installation of the InterWorx Control Panel as well as the InterWorx Cluster Panel. The products are actually exactly the same - you download and run the installer in the exact same fashion in both cases. The difference is that there are slightly different requirements when putting the InterWorx Control Panel into cluster mode to make it the InterWorx Cluster Panel.


It is recommended that readers of this guide are competent linux administrators. This means essentially having experience setting up and maintaining a linux server that hosted services on the internet via command line. Command-line experience is essentially what is recommended. While the panel is designed to mitigate the amount of knowledge required for a user to interact with a Linux server, ultimately troubleshooting problems and making certain configuration changes is infinitely easier if the Server Administrator is comfortable in a text-based shell. InterWorx is primarily designed to run on the CentOS Linux distribution, with support also for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As such, experience using RPM-based OS’s may also be helpful to a server administrator setting up InterWorx for the first time.
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